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September 19, 2023
KiwiTech Appoints Mogul Hotels' Alex Mirza to Advisory Board
Washington, DC

Alex brings extensive hospitality expertise to the KiwiTech team, elevating the company's vision for emerging AI innovations in hospitality.

KiwiTech, a leading technology innovation services company, announced that Alexander Mirza, Founder & CEO of Mogul Hotels, has joined its Advisory Board. The move highlights KiwiTech's broader strategic push into AI-backed hospitality solutions.

Mirza leads Mogul Hotels, a Los Angeles-based venture that has been recognized among the top 30 global travel tech entities by Hotelmize, Skift, and HBS Alumni Ventures. With its AI-centric talent engine, Mogul Hotels collaborates with global real estate stakeholders, striving to give cities an innovative edge in utilizing their assets.

Mirza's two-decade-long journey encompasses roles across various industry giants, from Deloitte to Hilton Worldwide and Caesars Entertainment. He's been acknowledged by the Global Hospitality Institute, finding a spot among the top 100 influential figures in hospitality. His book, "Talent Disruption: People Are the Brands," stands out as a significant contribution to the industry.

Earlier in his career, Mirza's consulting endeavors saw him at the forefront of technology strategy projects at Deloitte. At Strategos, he collaborated with leading minds to ideate billion-dollar ventures in renewable energy and sustainability.

The addition of Mirza to KiwiTech's Advisory Board reaffirms the company's commitment to leading the tech evolution in the hospitality industry.

"We are thrilled to welcome Alexander Mirza onto our Advisory Board. His vast expertise and forward-thinking approach in the realm of travel and hospitality tech will be invaluable. At KiwiTech, we are always aiming to push boundaries, and with Alex on board, we are confident in charting new horizons," said Rakesh Gupta, Founder & CEO, KiwiTech.

"Joining KiwiTech is an exciting step for me. Through data science and AI, I hope to address key areas in our industry, from refining the booking process to looking into operational efficiencies. My experience has always been about understanding and improving the intricacies of travel and hospitality, and I look forward to contributing to KiwiTech's endeavors in this direction," said Alex Mirza.

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