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July 10, 2023
KiwiTech Makes Strategic Investment in WebMob Software Solutions, Reinforcing Commitment to Web3
New York, NY

KiwiTech, a global innovation ecosystem and technology solutions provider, has made a strategic investment in WebMob Software Solutions, a leading company in groundbreaking Web3 and Blockchain advancements. This investment underscores both companies' commitment to innovation, paving the way for the adoption of cutting-edge technologies.

KiwiTech and WebMob aim to leverage each other's strengths and expertise to strengthen their offerings and provide enhanced solutions to clients. By combining forces, the two organisations will drive advancements in deeptech implementation and integration across various industries, propelling the future of technology.

WebMob Software Solutions, founded in 2015, has emerged as a leader in the Web3/Blockchain space, serving an impressive roster of top-tier fintech companies in Europe, APAC, and the Middle East. With their seasoned and certified experts, along with a dedicated R&D lab, WebMob constantly explores new possibilities for Blockchain application and integration in the Web3 space. 

KiwiTech, established in 2009, has earned a reputation as a trusted innovation partner for startups, enterprises and government authorities. With their consultative approach and end-to-end technology services, KiwiTech has successfully empowered several businesses to disrupt their everyday operations and achieve scale.

Through this investment, KiwiTech will reinforce its position as a centre of excellence for innovation-led clients seeking cutting-edge technology teams. The investment in WebMob will expand KiwiTech's capabilities, enabling them to offer unparalleled solutions in Trade Finance, Money Market, Fiduciary, and Commercial Real Estate Loan Tokenization, all powered by the latest advancements in Web3. 

"We are excited to announce our investment with WebMob, a true trailblazer in Blockchain and Web3 technologies. This move will unlock new possibilities and drive innovation in the industry. Together, we will push the boundaries of technology, transform business processes, and deliver transformative change for our clients," said Rakesh Gupta, Founder and CEO of KiwiTech.

Nitin Gupta, Founder and CEO of WebMob Software Solutions, expressed his excitement about the collaboration, stating, "We are delighted to join forces with KiwiTech, a company globally recognized for its unwavering commitment to innovation. This investment marks a significant milestone for WebMob, as it empowers us to extend our reach and offer even more robust and cutting-edge solutions to our esteemed clients. Together with KiwiTech, we are poised to revolutionize the industry standards, shaping the future of technology and driving transformative change."

The collaboration between KiwiTech and WebMob Software Solutions marks a momentous milestone for both organisations, underscoring their shared vision of propelling technological innovation. As they forge ahead in unison, KiwiTech and WebMob are well-positioned to make substantial contributions to the widespread adoption of Blockchain. 

About KiwiTech

KiwiTech is a leading global technology solutions provider, committed to driving innovation and disrupting businesses across industries. With a consultative approach and end-to-end technology services, KiwiTech empowers startups, aspiring unicorns, and established leaders in the tech industry to reimagine their everyday operations and unlock unprecedented growth.

About WebMob

WebMob Software Solutions is a pioneering Web3/Blockchain technology solutions provider, delivering innovative solutions to clients across Europe, APAC, and the Middle East. With their seasoned experts and dedicated R&D lab, WebMob is at the forefront of Blockchain implementation and integration. They constantly explore new possibilities and drive advancements in Blockchain to create transformative solutions for businesses. 

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