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March 03, 2020
KiwiTech Partners with MogulRecruiter to Launch Hospitality’s First Private Elite Talent Marketplace
Los Angeles, CA

KiwiTech, LLC, and MogulRecruiter today announced the launch of the world’s first private elite talent marketplace, starting with the 300 million-person hospitality industry.

MogulRecruiter's founders, former hotel industry executives, data scientists, and recruiters, have partnered with KiwiTech to build an AI-driven platform that automates hiring and improves retention.

MogulRecruiter is a highly selective platform featuring Moguls, who are an elite talent that is customer-driven, brand ambassadors and community leaders. "MogulRecruiter is part of a comprehensive SAAS solution that empowers talent, from supervisors to CEOs, to realize their full potential. It is the Ivy League of service talent and accelerates meritocracy with artificial intelligence, recruiting, training and development," said Alexander Mirza, Founder, and CEO of MogulRecruiter.

MogulRecruiter's hospitality-specific categorical search engine and assessments also meet the unique requirements of hospitality brands, management companies, and owners. "MogulRecruiter is addressing the most significant operational issue facing U.S. hotel owners and developers today: quantity and quality of talent. We are excited to be an early adopter" said Stephen Chan, Co-Founder of Eagle Point Hotel Partners, Partner in Sightline Hospitality and Vice Chairman of the Independent Lodging Congress.

MogulRecruiter's innovations include:

  • Elite/Top 10% Talent. It features Moguls as vetted by a team of HR professionals, recruiters and validated job family specific assessments.
  • Hospitality-Specific Categorical Matching System. Employers create jobs using a categorical search engine and matches are automatically generated.
  • Market Right Compensation. Employers engage candidates within 48 hours of a match after sharing job-specific compensation, benefits, and incentives.
  • Data Privacy and Messaging. The platform leverages encrypted messaging with no selling of data or advertising.

"We look forward to rolling out MogulRecruiter and believe it will redefine how talent is sourced and developed, starting with General Managers," said Joe Rice, Founder & Managing Partner of JDI, a leading hospitality executive search firm.

The Los Angeles-based venture has raised seed capital from high net worth family offices in the U.S. and the Middle East as well as JDI and KiwiTech. "We are excited to collaborate with MogulRecruiter to build a SAAS solution that will make hiring talent more transparent and efficient than ever before," said Mohsin Syed, EVP and Chief Startup Officer of KiwiTech.

About MogulRecruiter

MogulRecruiter is a private elite talent marketplace for service leaders, starting with the hospitality industry. It uses artificial intelligence and data science to identify exceptional opportunities for elite talent, from property-level supervisors to general managers and corporate executives. High performing talent can complete job-specific assessments to showcase their readiness for promotions to the next level. Employers benefit from access to a validated talent pool and a stronger fit based on experience, service, and culture. MogulRecruiter is part of a comprehensive SAAS platform that provides talent and booking solutions for the hospitality and real estate industries. For more information, visit

About KiwiTech

Over the last decade, KiwiTech has led innovation across multiple verticals scaling businesses in the tech space. KiwiTech intimately understands the challenges faced by new founders, aspiring unicorns and established leaders and works closely with them to realize their passion and purpose. Through its extensive relationships and expertise, KiwiTech brings a perspective that helps strategically connect technology creators with technology consumers. KiwiTech is an ecosystem of proactive investors and advisors who are passionate about building technology, supporting entrepreneurship, and helping companies realize their maximum potential.

About Joseph David International (JDI)

Twice ranked by Forbes as one of the best executive recruiting firms in America, JDI is an award-winning search and consulting organization that has become one of the most trusted sources for talent in the Hospitality and Real Estate Industry. World-class leaders and managers are needed NOW to drive organizational strategic outcomes and the battleground for talent requires agility. Defining and executing a search strategy with urgency, using their defined talent assessment tools and expertise, deep industry relationships and "insider thought capital" ensure expeditious delivery of top talent and helps clients gain and sustain a competitive edge. Blending decades of experience with art and science, with passion, JDI delivers on its brand promise of speed, quality, and trust in order to ignite the growth of their client organizations by delivering their most important resource-human capital.

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