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Moiety, Inc. Announces Strategic Partnerships With KiwiTech, LLC

New York, NY and Washington, D.C. - June 19, 2016

Moiety, Inc. (Moiety), a privately held digital co-parenting and family logistics company, announced today a strategic investment and development relationship with KiwiTech, a unique business incubator providing mobile technology development solutions, and active investment in new and exciting technologies. As part of this relationship, KiwiTech will provide exclusive technology development capability to Moiety, Inc.

Moiety is developing a patent-pending, fully mobile, calendar, logistic and expense management application for mobile phones that enables both co-parents and traditional family types, to easily create, customize and control schedules and expenses with unlimited user groups, or ‘’crews’’. The Moiety app aims to deliver a simple, elegant and affordable digital environment to help families simplify complicated schedules by giving users the ability to create, share and track events through gesturing commands (instead of manual typing) in a neutral setting. Moiety already has a substantial pre-launch following with over 100,000 fans in 44 countries on social media and will also be working with family mediators, counselors, legal and financial professionals to incorporate a well-rounded family support system for its users around the world.

Moiety, pronounced moy-a-tee – is usually defined as one of two equal parts; aims to provide a full solution to the many challenges facing the 53% of families in the U.S. in "complicated" family situations. The launch of Moiety App is the first of many phases that the company has planned including deployment of white-label solutions for companies and family judiciaries. The Android and iPhone app will be deployed globally and will available in multiple languages and will evolve into a complete digital ecosystem for families, mediators, lawyers and the family courts to efficiently manage and track calendars, logistics and expenses.

“We are excited to work with KiwiTech in finalizing developing of our international Moiety App mobile phone application,” commented Gregory Wagner, a 22-year former Wall Street veteran and founder of Moiety, Inc. “We are convinced this new relationship will significantly accelerate our initial deployment as well as open up new avenues for building synergies with both our customers and future partners around the world. We are also very pleased to have Rakesh Gupta, CEO of KiwiTech on as a board observer for Moiety, Inc.”

“The Moiety strategy is a unique logistics platform with great market potential.” said Rakesh Gupta, KiwiTech’s CEO. “We are pleased to be working with Greg and the Moiety team to create new technology solutions to deploy this platform internationally. ”

About Moiety, Inc. 
Founded in 2015, Moiety, Inc. is a privately held digital co-parenting and family logistics company that is developing a mobile phone application to launch the Moiety App experience globally via an affordable and fully mobile IOS and Android application. Moiety, Inc. owns the Moiety App logo and trademark worldwide. After initially launching the Moiety mobile app worldwide, Moiety, Inc. plans to introduce white label solutions of its patent-pending technology to mediators, lawyers and family courts globally.

About KiwiTech
KiwiTech provides end-to-end digital technology solutions across a wide range of industries, including publishing, healthcare, media & entertainment, education, financial services, and government. It has quickly gained recognition as an innovator by investing in numerous early-stage startups and partnering with large enterprises. Leveraging world-class design and technology development capabilities and extensive expertise with content management and creation, KiwiTech enables companies to seamlessly add mobile to their technology stack ensuring instant access to information - anytime, anywhere, and on any device. KiwiTech is based in Washington DC, with regional offices in New York and New Delhi, India.