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Neal Gupta
Chief Investment Officer & Founder



Investor – Neal is a business operator for his entire career. He invests through his company in tech startups, and personally in real estate.

Entrepreneur – KiwiTech – Neal Gupta co-founded KiwiTech, which is a unique global startup investment platform based in NYC's Bryant Park area on 5th Avenue. The firm employs 500 people worldwide, with 50 in the US and 450 in India. KiwiTech has a portfolio of over 500 tech firms, and plans to scale this to 1,000 firms in a few years. These startups are located coast to coast, and the founders are disrupting many different industries, including healthcare, financial, insurance, sports, food, & e-commerce. KiwiTech hosts 100 events a year for education, pitches & networking; where investors can find deal flow and entrepreneurs can connect with investors. At KiwiTech, Neal is responsible for growing the company's network of HNWI, family offices, and fund investors, and playing matchmaker between the portfolio firms and investors.

Prior Venture – Aptara – The largest content services company in the world, the Gupta's founded Aptara in Washington DC. The firm scaled to 5,000 employees and peaked at $120 million revenue & $1 billion valuation in 2007. A few interesting projects were annual processing of 35% of the EDGAR financial filings in the US, populating the Medline medical database used by every doctor, and digitizing the Oscars Playbook which is still used in Hollywood today. The company was sold for $144 million in 2012.

Education – MBA (Finance) from Columbia Business School & London Business School, and Bachelor's in Economics


• A native of Marietta, Ohio where his father immigrated in 1949

• Longtime member of family office groups such as Tiger21 & Family Office Exchange (on sabbatical), Institute for Private Investors & Campden Wealth

• Maternal Grandfather earlier owned an iron & steel, defense trading & shipping business, and was named one of India's "First 100 Prominent Citizens" upon the country's Independence in 1947

• Wife and two young sons live in Mclean, VA, a suburb of Washington DC; and an apartment in NYC Midtown West neighborhood

• Hobbies are travel, skiing, new cuisines, reading business biographies

• Values his work with Gupta family's charitable foundation & school ("501-C" registered) JCBS to provide disadvantaged children in India with proper education and prospects.

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