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Book and Miniseries

Book and Miniseries - KiwiTech
Penguin Group and Starz

The Pillars of the Earth Amplified Edition for iPad, iPhone and iTouch offers a new reading experience. Ken Follett’s beloved epic story leaps from the page to the screen in a multimedia adventure. 

This amplified edition of Ken Follett’s international bestselling novel “The Pillars of the Earth,” showcases beautiful video, art and music from the Starz Originals 8-part epic television event based on the book, as well as exclusive videos with the author about his research and the process of bringing his books to the screen. There is also an innovative Character Tree. The design, content and 8-part delivery of this app helped make it a semi-finalist at the Barcelona Mobile Awards.

Project Details
Client: Penguin Group and Starz
Industry: Entertainment
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