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On-demand Video Content Creation App

On-demand Video Content Creation App - KiwiTech


Loopster is the world's simplest online video editor, allowing users to cut, splice and add music and other features to videos with a straight-forward, user-friendly interface. Loopster is able to uniquely address new-age needs for customized and on-demand video content creation and management. From kids who use Loopster to create their school project work to enterprises in the hospitality industry that could offer this as a easy-to-use video tool at their theme parks and vacation centers, the possibilities are endless.   You would see a well-defined pattern here to use digital technology as a powerful consumer engagement medium very akin and centric to KiwiTech's digital philosophy for today's enterprises -- introducing disruptive user engagement and the ease of using and deploying mobile technology. 

Project Details

Client: Loopster
Industry: Entertainment, KiwiTech Product