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Technology Landscape:

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The KiwiTech Edge:

  • Experience: designed, developed & deployed over 1000 projects across all platforms
  • Agile approach: decreased time-to-market through collaborative, incremental and sprint-wise project delivery
  • Scalable: ability to scale rapidly drawing from a large pool of skilled developers
  • Flexibility: option to choose between per-project or per-resource development and payment methods
  • Quality: a proven ability to deliver high-quality startup web development and mobile app development services
  • Design: state-of-the-art UI/UX design capability
  • Process: automated project management and testing platforms

Our Core Technology Services:

Application Development Our 360 degree Digital Center of Excellence is equipped with the tools to design, develop and deploy world-class web and mobile applications. The center offers strong capabilities in product architecture, UI/UX , content processing, back-end strategy and integration. A rigorous development process is at the heart of all our web development and mobile app development services, and this discipline pays significant dividends in terms of both quality and cost-effectiveness. Our highly skilled developers understand what your application users want from an interface, how it should work and how it should look and feel.

Our Core Services - KiwiTech
Mobility Consulting - KiwiTech

Mobility Consulting – A comprehensive mobile strategy take into consideration not only having a mobile app but the mobility of your data and content in such a way that your customers or users could access information on any device in any form (web or mobile). Our mobility and industry experts engage with you to get a clear understanding of your existing business processes and roadmap. The team leverages ideas from our global engagement with varieties of projects across industries.

Our collaborative approach on digital technology strategy typically includes process to:

  • Discover and evaluate your current strategy, processes, project stage and scenarios
  • Define a meaningful strategy by detailing your specific product and business requirements
  • Choose the right type of application- native, hybrid or web application
  • Share our experience in integration of applications with over dozens of backend systems and third-party tools
  • Recommend comprehensive analytics methods and other industry best practices
  • Propose an efficient and cost-effective solution

Managed Services – KiwiTech understands the value of customer relationships and client satisfaction for long-term business profitability. As such, after the deployment of the project, we provide a period of free maintenance and support services which covers bug fixes and production support. We also offer tailor-made cost-effective development services for product enhancement and upgrades to our customers.