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Today’s new technologies are unlocking opportunities in the entertainment and media sector. Industry mavens can now create, share and distribute content, pave new channels between distributors and consumers and revolutionize how shows are supported. With the advent of state-of-the-art functionality, we can reach more a more mobile audience. We can enable heightened interaction and engagement between audiences and artists, and provide supplemental monetization.

The market potential is huge, and the demand is set to keep growing across all sectors.

Unlocking value in this ecosystem requires a combination of strategic operational planning, and innovative high-performance technology. In order to successfully harness the potential of technology in entertainment, companies will need new operating models, expert industry insights, innovative technology, market-leading features, in depth understandings of regional and global audiences, and agile business models to adapt to evolving customer preferences.

In a complex and rapidly changing ecosystem, KiwiTech’s end-to-end entertainment solutions help forward-thinking business leaders stay ahead of the curve. Using a combination of industry-leading market and business insights, together with state-of-the-art user interfaces, we have produced an extensive array of successful entertainment apps, including:

  • Social networking applications
  • Live event play-along games
  • Interactive books and miniseries
  • Book, music and movie branding platforms
  • Mobile video editing apps
  • Personalized travel itinerary systems
  • Mobile ticketing services
  • Animated and interactive storybooks
  • Mobile-based rewards & advertising programs
  • TV promotional apps
  • Movie promotional apps
  • Book, music and movie branding
Production Companies
  • Mobile based rewards & advertising programs
  • Professional creative content commons
  • Hobby creativity programs
  • Mobile video editing
  • Animated story books
  • Social networking applications
  • Reference resources
  • How-to-guides
  • Personalized travel itinery builders
  • Mobile games
Solutions For Entertainment Industry
  • Designer profiles
  • Music artist discography
  • Creative content distribution platforms
  • Rewards & advertising platforms for live events
  • Live sporting event play-along games
Live Audiences
  • Mobile ticketing services
  • Rewards & advertising platforms for live events
  • Live sporting event play-along games
Event Promoters
Mobile Advertisement Platform - KiwiTech
Mobile Advertisement Platform
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Movie Branding - KiwiTech
Movie Branding
Eros app is an entertainment app which gives you access to...
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On-demand Video Content Creation App
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Book and Miniseries
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Mobile Ticket Management - KiwiTech
Mobile Ticket Management
LetsMoveDown revolutionizes the fan experience at sporting events...

We position companies for the growing mobile technology trend, by developing solutions by:

  • Adapting business models to address current industry and audience demands, while powering innovative mobile applications to drive optimal growth for businesses.
  • Creating state-of-the-art user interfaces backed by seamless technology and support.
  • Developing across all content types (games, video, music and books), across multiple devices (iOS, Android, tablet).
  • Curating and aggregating content tailored to specific regional or global entertainment services
  • Maintaining an optimal user experience while integrating viable advertising and monetization mechanisms
  • Providing peer-to-peer platforms and collective viewing experiences for today’s hyper connected users
  • Supporting a wide-range of platforms and foster next-generation entertainment for tech-savvy consumers
  • Creating niche, stand-out applications that drive strong engagement by providing rich media experiences
  • Analyzing ever-changing trends and value chains in multiple countries and access audiences across the globe
  • Intersecting mobile entertainment with mobile commerce solutions
  • Leveraging strategic partnerships with industry leaders and top innovators, powering our clients to achieve high performance results
  • Boosting audience and consumer engagement with immersive, enhanced entertainment experiences
  • Driving sustainable growth and flexible mobile entertainment solutions